Just about every site I went to yesterday had Jay-Z all cozied up to an elderly white woman as they both enjoyed a ride on the R train. As his Barclays concert series was drawing to an end, he figured what a better way to go out with a bang, than with a reminiscent subway ride into Brooklyn. Along with an entourage of bodyguards and plain clothes police officers, he entered the Canal Street station and was Brooklyn bound.

It didn’t take long for word to spread through social media. One person tweeted his astonishment:

I guess people don’t realize just how many celebrities take the train station every day, without it being a publicity stunt. Even Mayor Bloomberg is a frequent straphanger. I realize the world is full of fandom and with someone like Jay-Z going back to his public transportation roots, it’s bound to cause a ruckus. But at whose expense? I would hope that the city didn’t have to foot the bill for the extra police officers, which technically means taxpayers would foot the bill.

Maybe the next time Jay-Z does something monumental, it’ll garner more national press. You know, like breathing, eating or tying his own shoes. We all know, Jay-Z has 99 problems and a Metrocard ain’t one.

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