Celebrities have been speaking out regularly throughout the campaign, either voicing their support for the Obama administration or rallying behind Mitt Romney. I’m not easily swayed in my political affiliation, especially by celebrities who are paid to entertain rather than give their opinion on social issues, so I never paid it much attention.

Until yesterday.

Stacey Dash took to her Twitter page to endorse Mitt Romney, tweeting: “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney.”

The response was overwhelming negative. Here’s just a sampling via The Huffington Post:

[People] began insulting Dash for her opinion, saying she isn’t “black” enough, several even asking if the actress would just “kill herself.”

One man wrote: “This hurts but you a Romney lover and you slutting yourself to the white man only proves why no black man married u @REALStaceyDash.”

As news of Dash’s treatment spread, however, First Amendment-lovers nationwide began voicing their support for the actress using the hashtag #ISupportStaceyDash.

All that for a celebrity’s political affiliation?

It was equally distressing to see people I knew, educated, intelligent, sensible folk, saying this changed their opinion of Stacey.

Umm, but she’s a perfect stranger? Who cares who she’s voting for? Just because we liked her in “Clueless” doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything she believes.

It rarely impacts me either way whether celebrities hold the same views as I do. They make their living entertaining, acting, singing or making jokes, and can do that just fine whether they support President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

I understand friendly debate and differences of opinion but the vicious attack on Stacey Dash really sheds light on a culture that’s too invested in what other people, especially celebrities, think.

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