Though it’s a hard pill for some to swallow, the reality is not every woman wants children. There are women who live a full, rewarding and fulfilling life without ever having given birth.

A new study, published in The Journal of Marriage and Family, scientifically supports this truth. It found that although women may feel social pressure to reproduce, those who don’t show little distress about their lifestyle. The takeaway? It is very possible to be childless and happy.

Still, despite the study’s findings, most women feel compelled to have children and beat their “biological clock” due to social constructs. Generally, when we see an adult woman without children, we are socialized to pity her. Assumptions are made about her reproductive abilities (it can’t be that she’s simply chosen not to have children). She’s seen as lacking substance and purpose in her life, as she’s never had that the privilege of being called a mother. These assessments are unfair. A woman’s worth is not just her ability to give birth.

Motherhood is indeed a beautiful thing, but it ain’t for everybody. And women shouldn’t be made to feel inadequate if they don’t choose to bear children, especially when, as the study proves, they can be completely fulfilled and content with their lifestyle without kids. Now that science has caught on, hopefully, the rest of society will too.

What’s your opinion, Clutchettes? Do you think women of a certain age are pressured to become mothers? Why won’t society embrace the idea of being childless and satisfied?

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