I honestly can’t remember which twin sister is the overly sensitive one, but Tamera Mowry-Housley proved to be that one last week after the Vice-Presidential debates. Tamera felt unfairly attacked by people on Twitter because she retweeted criticism of the debates, and assumed that her political beliefs were aligned with the Republican candidate. The retweet in question made reference the difficulty in watching the debates because each candidate was jumping over each other.

Then the hell storm began. Tamera got Stacey Dashed.

Apparently, folks thought because Tamera’s husband is White and a Fox News correspondent, that she was pledging her allegiance to Romney. The ‘hate’ tweets started rolling in and she took to her own account to respond to them:

Then her husband jumped in, and needless to say, he wasn’t too pleased:

When will people realize that their political beliefs don’t have to fall into line with their favorite celebrities? I’m pretty sure during this election season, many celebrities, who are not “out” in regards to their political affiliations, will forgo mentioning anything that could tie them to any candidate. And that is definitely their prerogative.

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