Everybody needs friends — I love my friends! — but we need different friends for different reasons. Some friends want to party all the time (awesome!) while others are more interested in quiet nights with you on the couch. They’re all important. Here’s the top six types of friends you need in your life.

The Therapist: She’ll listen to your problems and offer sound, non-judgmental advice. You can go to her to talk over relationship or career problems — or simply to gripe about your annoying roommate, and she’ll give you a solid solution.

The New Friend: As much as we love our old friends, it’s always great when you can bring new rad friends into your life. New friends help us re-evaluate our worlds, and give us the opportunity to see our lives with fresh eyes. New friends bring the excitement and the inspiration, and hopefully shake us out of our staid worldview a bit.

The Party Time, Excellent, Friend: This friend is built for a good time. She’s out for fun, and fun only — and her goal is to have the craziest experiences ever. Maybe she’s in a band or works as a bartender — but either way, she’s more of a vampire than you. And that’s what makes her such a good time — she always knows where the party’s at, and she’s never ready to go home.

The Friend Will Tell You If that Dress Really Looks Good On You: It takes a strong friend to be that honest.

The Mom-Type: The mom-type isn’t going to rage with you when you’re feeling like being an out of control party face. What she is going to do: gently tell you when you need to get your life together while cooking you a spaghetti dinner and/or tea.

The Old Buddy: Your old buddy has seen you through everything. The time you were obsessed with N*Sync. The no eyebrows phase. When you thought you might be a lesbian. She knows you better than anybody — she’s seen you crying and snotty-faced, hysterical and upset. She’s gotten into screaming matches and knock down fights. And she’s probably wanted to smack you a couple of times — but she loves you anyway.

This post originally appeared on The Frisky. Republished with permission. 

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