I know I’m not the only one filled with a minor sense of dread when I get a Facebook notification that says “So-and-So has tagged you in a photo.” I’m admittedly camera-shy, but I’m more than fine with a flattering picture making it’s way to the interwebs. However, friends and family often have a different concept of what “flattering” looks like. Hence, the lovely image of me with my tongue hanging out of my mouth as if I was drunk and drooling that my cousin uploaded because she looked cute beside me and thought I’d find it funny. Or the terribly-angled picture of my homegirl looking 12 months pregnant that caused a huge fight between her and the super-slender mutual friend who posted it, claiming that she didn’t see a problem with “a little stomach chub.”

And that’s not to say anything of the picture of you in the club doing the (insert the dance-of-the-moment here, I’m not even pretending to know what’s hot anymore) after three glasses of Moscato and two shots of Henny, which appears on the very day you begrudgingly accepted your preachy aunt’s friend request. Or the shot of you on the beach snapped on the very day you told a co-worker you were too sick to come to her baby shower. The fact that you looked cute isn’t gonna help you here, sis.

While pics can be particularly problematic, getting tagged in the wrong status or post can be aggravating as well (especially when it links you to friends of friends you’d rather not connect with). Don’t be a Facebook offender! Check out our list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for tagging folks and let us know what we may have forgotten in the comments!

  1. When It Comes To Pictures, ‘Tis Better To Be Safe Than Sorry: Why not simply send an email allowing your folks to preview pictures before you upload? Your friends will appreciate it, and you can avoid unnecessary beef. If you’re loading a massive album, i.e. a post-Homecoming retrospective, simply message or email people to let them know the pics are online and to let you know if they are opposed to being tagged.
  2. Don’t Be Cruel: Your friend with weight issues may freak if a pic makes her look particularly heavy, as much as your sister may not want a shot that highlights her adult onset acne. You know your folks. Show them a little courtesy.
  3. “But I’m Not In This Picture!” Don’t tag people in pictures when they aren’t actually in said picture. It’s annoying. If you want your friends want to see your latest baby pics or your club flyer, post them on your wall. Don’t force them on people — it’s rude!
  4. Dude, Don’t Tag Strangers: If you’ve friended random sorority sisters, fellow alums, or other folks who you may not know personally, don’t tag them in anything unless you’ve developed an online relationship that makes it seem appropriate to do so. Even Obama supporters might object to being tagged in a random campaign poster, just as proud AKAs or SGRhos may be annoyed in being linked to a picture of whatever paraphernalia you’re selling online.
  5. Keep It G Rated: It may be totally fine for you to be linked to a raunchy video or a picture of a particularly ‘gifted’ male stripper. However, your FB friend may be connected to employers, professors, relatives and others who may be horrified to know that “Exxxquisite” is her favorite adult entertainer.
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  • mEE

    there’s an option on Facebook that sends you a notification which allows you to review pictures and posts you’re tagged to before they actually show up. better to put the power in your own hands than wait for everyone else to exercise common sense.

  • The Patient One

    This isn’t something I have to worry about because I do not allow for others to take my picture. I also don’t allow for people to tag me in anything on their page.

  • Don’t allow tags other people do of you to show up on your page.
    Problem solved.

  • Blaque217

    I have to admit. This is an annoyance of mine. I have had people take my pictures at different parties or events and they will post the MOST unflattering picture in the bunch. It’s not even about tagging, it’s about other people posting pictures that they KNOW are not the most attractive. I went to a co-workers house once for a Super Bowl party. I specifically told her not to take my picture. Once the alcohol started flowing, I was like, OK you can take my picture but DO NOT TAG ME. That went in one ear and out the other because the next day all these fugly pictures of me were tagged to my page.
    When I post pictures of others, I extend them the courtesy of asking if it’s OK first. I often inbox them the picture and make sure they don’t mind. I think it’s a matter of respect, but I guess you can’t force someone to do the right thing because whether or not you allow tags, somewhere on someone’s Facebook page could be less than flattering and/or embarrassing pictures of you. And that is just not cool.

  • BriA

    I hate when you take a picture with someone and just because they think they look cute, they will put it on fb. Nevermind that I may look greasy or chubby in a particular photo. I always extend people the courtesy of seeing a picture and getting their approval before posting it! And don’t even get me started on ppl who post old unflattering pics from high school days.