Nia Long. Halle Berry. Rihanna. The more beautiful women with close-cropped cuts I saw, the more I became inspired to rock short hair with confidence. But it’s easier said than done.

In some corners, and especially within black communities, the longer the hair, the better. Whether your texture is natural or relaxed, long hair is glorified and idealized.

That makes it easy to get attached to what grows from your scalp and become obsessed with maximizing and retaining length.

My mother, who would go from short hair to long strands with ease, always encouraged me to experiment with length. She never understood the fuss around cutting hair. “It grows back,” she’d say, trying to push me to just let go.

When I first big chopped, all that changed. I felt like I could finally see my face. And it was beautiful, all by itself. It was liberating to learn I didn’t need hair to look or feel pretty.

Tia Mowry recounts a similar transformation when she cut her hair. She recalls crying while her stylist chopped away and her hair fell on the floor. But she soon fell in love with her cut, which she says reflects her “new perspective and outlook on life.”

Watch below:

What do you think of Tia Mowry’s cut, Clutchettes? Have you ever been attached to your hair?

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