Some people need to stick with the gifts they were given. By some, I mean Tyrese Gibson. Most people know him as a singer and actor, I’ll call those his gifts. But he has this gift that keeps on giving, sort of like herpes, that no one wants. Over the past couple of years, Tyrese’s Twitter account has become a cesspool of horrible grammar and interesting relationship advice.

Case in point. This morning I logged into my account, and I noticed people retweeting Tyreseisms:



So according to Tyrese, fuck your independence. All of you independent women are just lonely. He also used Beyonce as an example. You know that song where she spoke about being independent? Well, in Tyrese’s world, she threw all that away, and found her “king.” So now she’s much happier.

Oh, but it gets better:

You ladies out there, that aren’t lonely, but in crappy relationships. Don’t end them, but fight till the death to keep them intact, no matter how bad they are, because it’s better to be in a crappy relationship, instead of being lonely. But of course there were the usual Tyrese cheerleaders, cheering on his Tyreseisms:


Oh Shenika, Shenika … you’ve drunk the Tyrese-Aid. And apparently you like it. Tell me how does that bullshit flavor Kool-Aid taste?

When will people stop taking relationship advice from Tyrese and other clowns like him? Unfortunately, his advice isn’t something you can easily turn a blind eye to, because most of his retweets come from people asking, “What the fuck?”. I just wish he’d stick to using the gifts he’s good at, singing and acting. I’m just going to go and blame Coca-Cola, he should have stayed on the back of that bus singing.

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  • pw

    Spoken like a true control freak and potential abuser.

  • CoCo Brown

    To the writer of this article you are funny but obviously on the shallow end of the pool if that is all you can come up with from Tyrese’s tweets. You are on the surface of his tweets and not digging deeper into what he’s saying. He’s not saying ditch your Independence ladies, he’s saying don’t be so bull headed into thinking and having the ” I don’t need a man” Attitude til you miss out on a good man if they’re in your face. Then you’ll be sitting there lonely wishing you had a man or hating on your home girl when she got a good man. Every body got issues (and sometimes men have the brunt of them) but that doesn’t mean you leave him because of them. Most or some of them are workable. Men are more than a penis and women are more than a vagina. You can have balance in a relationship. Don’t be so shallow.

  • BlackManonFB

    Well unfortunately I see many of our women complaining about being single, I hear the I can’t find a good man this and that, men are intimidated by me and rah rah. I think what Tyrese is saying is don’t go overboard with the independence. The truth of the matter is we do need one another regardless of what many may say. Its good to be independant, have your own car, career etc.. But with two people bringing that to the table not needing each other for any material necessity, only because they want, need and love each other because of our natural desire for one another is a beautiful thing.

  • Jernero94

    I refuse to take relationship advice from a man who supposedly hit his pregnant ex wife in a stomach, and admittedly cheated on her. Does anyone see the stuff that he posts on Twitter? I had to unfollow him.