As a kid, I hated vaseline. In the winters my mother would lather our faces with it before we headed off to school. But when you’re walking in -10 degree weather in Upstate NY, you appreciated the extra layer of goop, to protect your face from the cold, harsh weather. Although I’m no longer using it as a cold barrier, vaseline does serve its purpose in other areas of my beauty routine.

  1. Tame Unruly Brows – My eyebrows have a mind of their own. Applying a little helps to keep the stray hairs in place.
  2. Prime Eyes – I’ve learned by adding a layer to my eyes, it keeps my eyeshadow in place longer. Add a little vaseline to your eyeshadow to make a creamy based shadow
  3. Moisturize your cuticles – dap a little on before you head to bed, you’ll appreciate the difference in the morning.
  4. Exfoliation- add some sea salt to your vaseline, and it’ll make the perfect body scrub!
  5. Tame Those Fly-Aways– Just like tip #1, vaseline can be used if you’re constantly dealing with fly aways if you’re wearing your hair straight. A little goes a long way, too much is never good.
  6. Protection & Soothing– My mother was on to something during those cold winters. Use it as a barrier during the winter months. Also, vaseline helps with cracked skin and cold sores.
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