In our eyes, First Lady Michelle Obama is already is already a hero. From the moment she burst on the world stage, all eyes have been firmly trained on Mrs. O.

Despite being an Ivy League graduate able to write her own ticket and garner any job she wanted, Mrs. Obama threw herself into serving others. In 1993 she became the Executive Director for the office of Public Allies in Chicago, a non-profit organization that helped young people hone skills for future careers, and in 1996 she joined the University of Chicago, where she developed the university’s first community service program.

Since her husband, President Barack Obama, was elected Mrs. Obama has continued her public service efforts and has championed veterans’ rights and tackled America’s growing childhood obesity problem. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s raising two young daughters under the glaring spotlight of the media.

Because of this, veteran comic book artist J. Bone reimagined Mrs. Obama as Wonder Woman.

He told theGrio:

I’m often drawing Wonder Woman for fun. I saw the video on YouTube of Michelle’s opening address at the Democratic convention. When she spoke about women having control of their own bodies it struck me that Michelle embodies the principles of Wonder Woman.

And so I sat at my desk trying to draw a caricature of Michelle Obama in a modified Wonder Woman costume. (I changed the Wonder Woman “W” chest piece into an “M.”)

J. Bone continued:

I hope that people see the strength of character Michelle Obama possesses, both as a woman and a person in the public spotlight. She has such confidence in herself and dignity whether addressing the Democratic convention or sitting on the couch on The View. Admirable qualities in any person.

We agree.

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