I find it interesting when the minute a woman complains about past or current relationships in a manner that another person doesn’t deem positive, they’re automatically labeled “bitter”.  It’s actually similar to someone who expresses their dislike of an entertainer and they’re automatically called a “hater”.  Not every woman has the same experiences with relationships, and if every relationship was a positive one, there would be no need for these so-called relationship experts.

In a recent women’s group I participate in, two women got into a heated discussion about misogyny and relationships. Eventually one woman called another woman bitter. The Women’s Study professor that was leading the group, immediately addressed the name calling. She first stated that she was  shocked that an  adult would resort to name calling. Once she finished that rant,  she basically told her to refer to another woman as being bitter because of her past relationship challenges, was looming close to being misogynistic. The room came to a complete silence.  I’ve always said some women can be more misogynistic than men, at least I wasn’t the only one to think that.

Although, I didn’t necessarily agree on the point of misogyny in this instance, I understood what the professor was trying to say. No one’s life experiences are ever going to be the same. Not only does this include women, but men as well. To point the finger at someone and say they’re bitter, not only devalues a person’s experiences, but it makes the finger pointer look a little childish. Everyone has a story to tell, especially when it comes to relationships. Just because that story may not be paved with gold, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bitter.

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