I don’t judge people based on their political affiliations. I also don’t like to get into the argument of who people are going to vote for, I’d just rather people use their voting rights to the fullest extent. But I’ve often wondered why people vote Republican. Last week on Facebook, a friend of friend updated their cover photo with a picture of Mitt Romney ‘12. Out of the 212 friends I have, she was the first and only person so far to publicly show support for Romney. But then I remembered, she is a Mormon, from Utah. I guess that makes sense. I refrained from asking her the question “why” only because, I didn’t know her that well.

Below is a video produced by Synthetic Human Pictures titled, “I’m Voting Republican”, a satirical look at the policy goals of the Republican party. According to their website it is also a “not-so-subtle message behind the film is the importance of a united block of citizens willing to take the time and effort to vote Democrat in order to improve America’s domestic and foreign policies”.

One of my first posts on Clutch as Daily Editor, was a satirical response to Bebe Winans’ rousing performance during the Republican National Convention. A few of the commenters thought it wasn’t right to assume that all readers of Clutch voted along the same party lines. Well, since that is the case, we’re giving the readers a chance to answer the question, “Why Are You Voting Republican” today. Tomorrow, the same will be asked of the Democrats. Please keep all comments and replies respectful.

Why are you voting Republican?

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