Shaun T gets  married to boyfriend

Over the past few years we’ve seen a string of high profile celebs “come out” and tell the world they are gay. From Ellen Degeneris’ infamous coming out episode when her fictional sitcom character told the world she was gay (and sealed her show’s fate), to media darling Anderson Cooper finally revealing what many already suspected, “coming out” has been the thing to do if you’re anywhere near the public eye.

This time around, Mr. Insanity himself, fitness guru Shaun T. has gone public with his sexuality. The man best-known for whipping folks into shape recently retweeted a picture of him and his husband, Scott Blokker’s “Midnight Love” themed wedding.

After a fan congratulated Shaun T. for “coming out of the closet,” the trainer quickly corrected her and informed her that his life was never a secret; he merely never talked in depth about his personal life before.

While the Twitterverse and blogs continue to treat celebs’ “coming out” as big news, it made me wonder if or when we will get to a place when these things no longer hit our radar. I’ve written before about why I think celebs (or folks in general) don’t need to come out as gay anymore than others need to come out as hetro. I mean, it is what it is.

But in our media-obsessed world, and in a time where being gay is still viewed as being “other,” will we ever reach a place where “coming out” is no longer a newsworthy event?

Speak on it!

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