The meme that black people will vote for President Barack Obama just because he’s black is seen by many as offensive and overwhelmingly false. But that hasn’t stopped it from picking up traction on the internet especially among conservatives, who believe blacks have a blind loyalty to public figures of the same race.

History has proven that couldn’t be further from the truth. From Herman Cain to even Clarence Thomas, political public figures of color have never been guaranteed support from black people based on race alone.

Toure examines this phenomenon for Time, writing:

“Instead, the idea that blacks support Obama just because he’s black is itself racist because it suggests a lack of political sophistication and brain power, as if blacks would vote for anyone who shares their skin color […] And the question ignores the nuances of reality. Yes Obama’s blackness is part of why many blacks support him. Another reason is Obama’s policies: saving Detroit, supporting universal health care, and fighting to protect the social safety net and a woman’s right to choose will win lots of black votes.”

Though his points are valid, writers like Huffington Post’s Jesse Washington bring up the backlash black supporters of Mitt Romney experience as support for skin color-based politics:

This week, when a black actress who tweeted an endorsement of Romney was subjected to a stream of abuse from other African-Americans, the politics of racial accusation came full circle […]. On Twitter, [Stacey Dash] was called “jigaboo,” “traitor,” “house nigger” and worse after posting, “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.” The theme of the insults: A black woman would have to be stupid, subservient or both to choose a white Republican over the first black president.

It’s ignorant to assume that all of black America will vote based of race, without considering President Obama’s policies. The meme that black people vote solely based on skin color assumes that blacks aren’t politically savvy and/or educated enough to make informed decisions about which candidate they support.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Are there black people will support the President based on skin color alone?

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  • Anthony

    I think there are very few people voting who do not a clear rationale for why they are voting the way they are. I may not like or agree with their thinking, but it’s their thinking not mine. The idea that Blacks only vote for Obama because of color is racist projection.

  • Ravi

    It’s certainly a factor, but not to the degree it is with many white people. Many white people voted against Obama, solely because he was black. Black people won’t vote counter their perceived interests just because the candidate is black. This is evidenced by black Republicans consistently not being able to get the black vote. If you want to know how black people will vote in any given election since we received the right to vote, follow the KKK. Whoever the KKK is behind, the vast majority of black people will be on the other side. We have a habit of not going with the candidate that is actively working to keep us subjugated. I guess we are just silly like that.

  • Obamneys

    Then why the highest influx of registered black voters in 2008 compared to any years previous? Surely it’s not because of Obama’s policies. Explanation?

  • Time for change

    Unfortunately, a large portion of blacks did vote based on race alone.Now most blacks will argue and disagree with false claims of racism. I had three black co-workers who couldn’t wait to leave work yesterday in order to get to the polls. One in her late twenties, one in her early thirties and the other in her mid thirties.All three had one thing in common…they had never voted before.I asked them what they liked about Obama’s policies. Of course, you already know the answer. The girl in her mid thirties said she liked his policies with no elaboration.The other two asked me what that meant!!! I asked how can you vote to put someone in control of that much power without even knowing their policies. The reply that I received was astonishing to me “It doesn’t matter. We(meaning blacks) have to stick together you know”. They then began repeating Obama for real multiple times while dancing as the other girl nodded her head and said “that’s what’s up”. I asked the youngest one what she thought Obama’s time for change slogan meant and she just pointed at her skin. I would find it hard to believe that they were the only two people in the country that felt or believed like that.

  • Yes, he got the black vote because he is black. Not JUST because he is black. A lot of black people voted for him based on other reasons, but his blackness definitely plays a major role in how we perceive him. That has both positives and negatives; on the positive side, it suggests that there is still some semblance of black solidarity. On the negative side, just because someone happens to be (half) black doesn’t mean that he or she is looking out for our best interests.