Clutch magazine wise words

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” – Voltaire

It seems like an odd question, considering the fact that we live in society built on freedoms: freedom of speech and freedom to live how we choose. But more often than not, many of us are not free.

If we were—not only would we not care what other people think or say about us—but we’d also be pursuing the lives we really want to live.

Whether your passion is for travel, working with others, being steeped in academia, or being your own boss, too often we get trapped in our lives based on necessity or obligation, and not because they are actually what we want.

I won’t pretend freedom is easy; it’s extremely hard. When you buck the norm and step outside of what most people expect you to do there will be push-back. Folks won’t understand what you’re doing, why you want to go against the grain, or why you’d want to live an extraordinary life (especially when theirs is fairly ho-hum).

Although the road to freedom may be tough, the reward is so worth it.

While I’d like for my family and friends to support my choice to live an awesome life, I realize that if they don’t “get it,” they may not be able to get on board right away.

But will I let it stop me? Certainly not, and you shouldn’t either.

Go forth and live awesomely, Clutchettes.

Happy Monday! 

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