Wyclef Jean has had an interesting few months. After releasing his memoir and detailing his affair with Lauryn Hill, many criticized the former Fugee for spilling the beans and blaming Lauryn for the downfall of the Fugees. And most recently, the New York Times published an exposé on Jean’s “non-profit” organization, Yéle Haiti, showing that the organization didn’t help Jean’s homeland as much as he claimed. According to the Times, Jean’s charity mismanaged funds and spent the lion share of donations on frivolous things like landscaping, private jets, and food and beverages for the Yéle team.

Perhaps the hot glare of the media spotlight wasn’t feeling so comfortable, or maybe Wyclef wanted to distract us all from his seemingly shady dealings, but yesterday the singer tweeted a photo of himself proclaiming he still has it.

He wrote, “TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26! U cant keep a good Man down! Keep a smile when they want you to frown!”

While it’s very clear that Wyclef takes care of himself (and knows he looks good), the greased-up, half-naked motorcycle pose is not quite how we want to see him.

Although many people sent Wyclef birthday wishes (and he seemed to retweet them all), others turned his birthday photo into a joke.

The biggest punch line: Why did the Haitian sensation only seem to oil up the top half of his body?

But my question is this: Who took the picture while Wyclef did his best Arabesque Calendar pose on the Ducati? Was it his wife, Claudette, or one of his boys? Either way, someone should have told him posting a half-naked photo with ashy ankles on the web wasn’t a good idea, especially since he may want to take another shot at becoming president of Haiti one day.

I guess what they say is true, though. All press is good press. Because instead of talking about Yéle Haiti’s mismanagement of funds, Wyclef successfully distracted folks by focusing on his greased-up body.

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