Although he played a high school student on Degrassi: The Next Generation, Drake, actually dropped out of high school to play the role of “Wheelchair Jimmy”. Although he skyrocketed to fame, with his sing songy lyrics, Drake didn’t forget about completing his high school education. Yesterday, the 25 year old rapper, tweeted that he finally graduated high school.

Congratulations to Drake, but what’s next? Many people would probably say he really didn’t need to graduate from high school because he already has fame and fortune. But, does that really make a difference? I can appreciate the fact that Drake stuck to his goals of completing high school, because so many other celebrities haven’t.

Can Drake be considered a role model for other rappers that still haven’t completed high school. We all know fame and fortune isn’t guaranteed to last forever. The good enough degree, could open doors to furthering your education with a college degree and a second career. Only Drake knows what he’ll do in the realm of education since he’s an official high school graduate. Maybe one day you’ll see him screaming, “Yolo”, as he saunters across a stage during a college graduation.

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  • cosmicsistren

    The bar has been set really low for congratulating a guy who only received his HS diploma. I might be in the minority but for me he doesn’t need to be congratulated. It’s about damn time. When I heard of his minor accomplishment my first reaction was “so what!” That is nothing to brag about. I think it’s pathetic.

    • In my family (both extended and intermediate), graduating high school was treated as a normal and mandatory thing. The kids received a boatload of ‘congratulations’ from relatives/family friends, maybe a little bit of cash with a card and/or a dinner at a local IHOP/Red Lobster’s. Our parents did not go ‘all out’ for the graduating kid(s). The parents did something fancy for us kids, when we graduated from college. But, as for graduating high school? Nope, with the exception of being able to eat the last cheddar bay biscuit.
      Now, I am being invited to attend graduation parties that are being held in banquet halls/hotels/nightclubs/restaurants for kids, who barely graduated from school due to their knuckle-head antics from all four years.

  • ChillyRoad

    If I didnt know any better I would think Drake was trying to be “black” with all this mess.

  • Mademoiselle

    I’m not overly impressed with doing what you were supposed to have done, but I do hope he jumps on the Ad Council’s new campaign to encourage people to get their GED. He may have made it into the tiny minority of people who get rich quick (and hopefully don’t get poor quicker), but the reality for over 95% of the population is employers are requiring more education for even the simplest of jobs. Had Drake not lucked out, he’d likely be struggling something mean without a diploma until now.

  • I’m surprise that his mother and father allowed Drake to drop out of high school. I’m sure he could’ve still attend high school while pursuing with his acting career. He also could’ve been home-schooled by a tutor, when he was not needed on set.