Let’s face it, breakups are hard. You have to change your Facebook status, learn to sleep without that goodnight phone call and deal with nosey family members who what to know the Five W’s of the breakup. It’s as if to successfully move on you must paste a “My Relationship Failed” sign on your forehead.

But above the public humiliation, one of the worst scenarios at the end of a relationship is when your ex still thinks he has you. What happens when the girl is fed up and the guy is still holding on? Maybe it’s just me but I seem to always find the most narcissistic men on the planet to date. The type that won’t stop calling, tweeting and sending I-don’t-care-what-you-say-I-know-you-still-love-me text messages. The type that like to send paragraph-long messages for me to find every time I log on to my Facebook page and still like to hang out with my family members — all after the breakup!

If you are sincerely trying to move on then it is time that he does the same. Here are five tips on how you can let him go when he’s not ready to let you go:

Cut all social media ties
You no longer need to know what he eat for lunch or what his weekend plans are. Once you stop following his life your urge to reply to his messages will dwindle because you’ll have less to talk about. Blocking him from your social media accounts will give him less outlets to contact you.

Don’t Be Predictable
Stop answering his phone calls and replying to his text messages. He will soon get the strong indication that you are ignoring him.

Get back out there
You can’t just put on the illusion that you are moving one; you actually have to move on! Plan a girl’s night out, see a movie by yourself or go out on a date with someone new. Having fun will take your mind off your past relationship.

Don’t feel guilty about moving on
Sometimes in breakups, men can make you feel like you are obligated to be by their side during the transitional periods in their life. It may sound harsh but don’t feel guilty about moving on. Once the relationship is over you are no longer required to be his support system.

Actions speak louder than words
When a relationship is breaking up, it is not uncommon for both parties to let their emotions get the best of them and sometimes speak out of anger. But, it’s important to remember that regardless of what is being said, your actions are what matters most. And let’s face it, some guys are just persistent by nature. You can speak your mind as much as you’d like, but the only way to fully get your point across is to prove that you are moving on.

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