It’s no secret, Beyonce is a big fan of the Obamas. Over the past four years, Bey and her husband Jay-Z have not only been loud supporters of the President, but they’ve also been one of his top donors.

Earlier this year, the R&B diva showed her love for Mrs. Obama with an open letter about the First Lady’s influence and the example she has set for women, particularly mothers. And this time, on the eve of yet another important election, Bey penned another note, this time to the President.

The singer also backed up her words and posted a photo of herself voting for the President early this morning. While many commended Beyonce for rocking the polls, other chided her for posting the picture online (and in some states it may even be illegal, so be careful).

Whether or not you agree with Beyonce’s choice, today is the day Americans can exercise their right to vote. So get informed about your local issues and head to the polls.

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