The phrase “winning” may be overly trite, may even be played-out by now since twitter users ran it in the ground, but nonetheless the fact is we’re #winning when it comes to transforming the image of Black Women. The tug-of-war battle between the depiction of black women in the media and the reformers of the black female image has been long ongoing and is still a battle to be fought. Pulling on the side of the reformers (in this proverbial tug-of-war) are black women alongside others who are seeking to transform the stereotypes and generalizations of black women. Among those reformers are Celebrity DJ/Former model/Founder of Black Girls Rock, Beverly Bond. Bond and BET will host its 3rd annual Black Girls Rock Awards Show to honor black women making strides in entertainment, business, and social activism. The show airs on Sunday, November 4th at 7pm EST on BET.

I had the honor of attending this year’s live taping of the Black Girls Rock Awards show. Being in the presence of so many influential, positive, uplifting, and everyday black women was a moment for life. I won’t spoil it by giving you a rundown of who performed what, who wore what, etc., but I will say: if Janelle Monae’s acceptance speech doesn’t bring a tear to your eyes…then check your pulse…you may be in a coma!

In an image conscious society driven by perceptions and stereotypes— which all too often fall negatively on people of color. Even the most optimistic will find it hard to ignore the sensationalism, degradation, and stigmas attached to black women. Yet there are beacons of hope! Awards shows like Black Girls Rock and niche outlets like Clutch and various other outlets celebrate the Black Woman and all her multidimensional contributions to society. Full disclosure Clutch Magazine was my favorite go to for a spiritual word (Wise Words), relationships commentary, fashion (Coco + Crème), and positive upliftment (The Friday 5) long before I started writing for Clutch. It is black women like YOU, I, and everyone else on the side of reforming the image of black women in the media, and more importantly in society. Again, without spoiling the adrenaline rush, heartfelt, and straight out rockin’ performances you’ll see during the Black Girls Rock awards show, I’d like to instead offer my personal nominations of Black Girls that rock:

  • Sophia Nelson- Author of “Black Woman Redefined: Dispelling Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama.”
  • Ashley Etienne- Director of Communications for House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
  • Shonda Rhimes- Screenwriter, Director and Producer
  • LaDavia Drane, Esq.- Capitol Hill Congressional Professional, Community Servant
  • Issa Rae- Creator of hit web series “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl”
  • Dede Sutton- Founder of Clutch Magazine
  • Congresswoman Marcia Fudge- Congresswoman representing Ohio’s 11th congressional district
  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters- Congresswoman representing California’s 35th congressional district
  • Kamala Harris- Attorney General of California
  • Danielle Belton- Writer, Editor, Social Media Maven
  • Beverly Bond- Celebrity DJ, Former model, Founder of Black Girls Rock
  • Judy Smith- Founder, president and CEO of Smith and Company. Inspirator of ABC television series Scandal
  • My Mother – Single parent of 10 children, definition of fortitude, epitome of perseverance

And… countless others.

Clutchettes, will you be tuning in to the Black Girls Rock Awards Show? Who are your personal nominations for Black Girls that rock?

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