Latham Thomas is not only the founder of Mama Glow, a holistic lifestyle company that focuses on nurturing and supporting women throughout pregnancy; she’s also a mom herself. Thomas’s smooth pregnancy with her son inspired her to create a platform for pre- and postnatal guidance. “My pregnancy was a really amazing process and I attribute that to diet and lifestyle and a way of being,” the birth coach and certified yoga teacher told theGrio. “I saw the need for someone to hold women’s hands while educating, informing and inspiring them through the experience. There’s nothing to be afraid of — having a baby is like a right of passage.”

Part of her platform of support includes Latham’s new book, Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy. Just released on November 6,Mama Glow features illustrated exercises, fertility boosting methods and over 50 recipes to help women thrive during pregnancy. Even though she is planning launch parties for her book on both sides of the Atlantic — while working with clients including Style Network star Tamera Mowry-Housley — Latham took some time out of her busy schedule to share seven key tips for a happy pregnancy.

1. Green is always good.

Energy is one of the hardest things to maintain when pregnant. While vitamins and resting are important to sustaining energy levels, mothers-to-be should eat as many green, leafy foods as possible. “Green veggies are a must,” Thomas told theGrio. “But I also recommend nuts, blueberries and macaroons to give energy and vitality. Most people, hands down, will make the right choice about food once they inform their bodies on what it is they want to eat. Food not only goes through your blood stream, but also translates into how you think and feel.”

2. Weed out the wackness.

Just like cleaning out your closet for a new season, mothers should also get rid of anything that doesn’t add value to their lives. From throwing out unflattering clothes to halting communication with certain people, this needs to be done for your peace of mind. “You have to take care of the space [you inhabit] in your life. It’s an important process of becoming a mother — establishing your ‘Queen-dom.’ Look through your phone list. Who fortifies you?  Who tires you? Who inspires you? Even if it’s a friend from when you are five — if you don’t like who you are with this person, why are you forcing this [if there’s] no way to authentically connect? We have to watch what’s in our space — when we toss out the negative it makes us more available for our blessings.”

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  • Afroveda

    I hate the cover of that book. Who approved such a picture?

    • JMHO

      Hate is such a strong word for it but I agree with your sentiments. If this is supposed to be about holistic lifestyles, then high heeled spiked shoes shouldn’t be worn by women, much less a pregnant woman. They contribute to poor back support as well as unhealthy and weakened womb/uterus which is the home for the baby. I get the free and spirited energy that this cover is trying to convey, but for me it looks childish and not sensible. JMHO

  • shay

    Im lovin the cover of the book. A slim black woman put somewhere for once during this whole thick/fat movement. Not all black women have honey baked ham asses and thighs. Thankyou to the illustrator. I bet the person who said they hate it is hating on the very thing im appreciating

  • wepo1

    This woman looks like a street walker from a Fat Albert cartoon!