Chris Brown forced to cancel concert

While Rihanna may have forgiven her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, for the 2009 assault that left her bloody and badly bruised, otthers haven’t forgotten.

Recently, the Turn Up the Music crooner backed out of an upcoming concert in Guyana after women’s groups and lawmakers lauched protests against Brown appearing in their nation.

The Associated Press Reports:

Organizers say American R&B star Chris Brown has canceled a stadium concert in Guyana after local protests over his 2009 beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown was billed to headline a Dec. 26 show. But he drew the ire of women’s rights groups and opposition lawmakers who said Brown would not be welcome in Guyana three years after his assault of Barbadian superstar Rihanna.

Concert promoter Hits & Jams Entertainment said Thursday that Brown backed out, citing discomfort with the protests.

The protests that led to Brown backing out of the show in Guyana isn’t the first of its kind. Back in September, an anti-violence group in London plastered stickers on some of Chris Brown’s CDs with the tagline: “WARNING: Do not buy this album, this man beats women.” And a few weeks ago, a group in Sweden used images of Rihanna’s battered face to “promote” Brown’s concert.

While the pair seemed to have fixed their friendship (and allegedly spent Thanksgiving together), it seems like it will take a lot longer for others to move on from “the incident” that changed their careers—and relationship—forever.

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