First it was MySpace, then it was Facebook, and now it’s Instagram. Less than ten years ago we shared photos of ourselves  living it up in our daily lives unto MySpace, innocently (for most) and as time progressed the pictures have gotten raunchier and raunchier with every new social media app. Between taking pictures of ourselves in the bathroom and taking pictures of our favorite body parts while laying in bed, it’s obvious that some of us are asking for a certain kind of attention. Are we models in training, looking to be discovered or simply in need of attention? Yes, it’s true, we live in a overly sexualized society where we have reality stars who don’t ever get enough attention and post pictures of their assets for the world to “see how their costumes fit.” Cough, cough, Kim Kardashian. But, when do we leave the modeling for the ughhh, models? Now I definitely don’t think there is anything wrong with sharing photos of me and my friends being silly, posing as if we were high fashion models in our Sunday’s best, but it ends there. In an age where contact information is more accessible than it’s ever been, putting out inappropriate pictures of myself to look sexy or to “get discovered” is simply unsafe and for lack of better words, “thirsty.” Us women, give men such a hard time for being either overly aggressive or even a stalker, but when do we take the responsibility of what we put out? Look, I get it. Everyone wants their five minutes of fame Andy Warhol believes we are all entitled to, but, really, at what expense? What you give is what you get and if taking scantily clad pictures of myself and filtering it up for the most likes, new followers, and adoring comments, then, please, just shoot me.

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