The natural and curly hair revolution isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Blogs are bursting with tips on how to transition from processed to natural hair, and store aisles are stocked with products from co-poo’s and co-washes to creams, oils and serums.

How’s a curly girl supposed to sort through the maze of goodies on the market?

Two companies have launched this year to help those with coiled styles figure explore trusted and new products that are best suited for their hair. CurlKit and CurlBox are both monthly subscription services that deliver a variety of products specifically for curly hair right to your home.

So which one is for you? We’ve compiled a list of comparatives so you can judge for yourself.

– Launch: March/April 2012
– Co-founder: Heather Cummings
– Twitter: @curlycummings and @CurlKit
– Membership: Monthly/$20
– Subscribe: Regularly scheduled
– Monthly Kit includes: 6-8 samples
– Purchase products on website: yes
– Unsubscribe?: Anytime

-Launch: February 2012
-Founder: Myleik Teele
-Twitter: @myleik, @curlbox
-Membership: Monthly/$20 or $40 for the natural kit
-Subscribe: Open one Saturday a month
-Monthly Box includes: 6-8 samples
-Purchase products on website: no
-Unsubscribe?: Anytime

Since I personally don’t subscribe to either of the services, I can’t speak on any other aspect of CurlKit or CurlBox than what I’ve found online. I’ve found raves about both services from curly ladies expressing excitement over receiving their monthly boxes, and how they love the specific products. CurlKit users are not as vocal, but recently some CurlBox subscribers have taken to YouTube to express disappointment in the size of the samples and the fact that the box included products that are not all-natural. For the record: both the CurlKit and CurlBox feature samples, as explained on their websites. One very helpful thing that CurlBox owner Myleik does is a monthly unBOXing YouTube video where she reviews all the products in each box giving you more inside information on the products and why they were chosen.

As with any choice, you have to decide what’s important to you—check out the websites, the Twitter feeds, the reviews and see which brand feels like it speaks to you and your needs.

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