Do TSA agents have a problem with afro wigs? Several cases have been reported in the press of agents searching afro hair and wigs all in the name of airport security. Solange Knowles can now add her name to the list of black women whose afros have been searched by TSA.

The “Losing You” singer tweeted that TSA agents patted down her afro, while she traveled yesterday:

To her credit, she managed to have a sense of humor about the ordeal, even playing a game with her followers of “What Could TSA find in Solange’s afro?”

But discrimination is no laughing matter. It appears that TSA agents have an issue with voluminous, textured hair when it’s on African-American heads.

I wonder how many non-black women get their hair searched by TSA. Or women who have “big” hair that isn’t textured like an afro. The number of black women, famous or not, who have to deal with their hair being patted down by TSA agents is too high for it to be anything but discrimination.

What are your thoughts on TSA agents searching afros, Clutchettes? Is it discriminatory in your opinion?


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