Best Highlighters

Does your face need a little pick-me-up? Remember a few months ago when you hardly needed anything on your skin because you were looking sun-kissed and good-to-go? As we head into winter, the dry air and cold temperatures can zap our usually glowing skin. Illuminators or highlighters and bronzers (yes, even for us brown girls) work wonders on la face and add dimension and glow. Highlighters add radiance to your cheeks, eyes and more.

As a general rule, those with medium or olive skin, golden illuminators ate suggested. If you have dark skin, you’ll look best in products with bronze hues. In a powder form (best for oiler complexions), brush it on just below your eyebrow bone, that little corner of your eyes or give a swipe above your cheekbones. For nights out, use a powder brush to add a light dusting to your d√©colletage. Shine on, sis.

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  • Have any Clutch readers tried any of these products? I just found out MAC discontinued their Refined Deeper Bronze Bronzer and I need a replacement asap! I have darker skin.

    • Bosslady

      Oh, I have that bronzer, I haven’t used it in awhile, but looks great on my skin. I am dark skin too, around Tiki’s complexion and I have used Iman’s bronzer in the past and it’s equally as good as Mac’s. I’ve heard Covergirl’s Queen range of bronzers are good, but I haven’t personally tried them

  • LA

    I try to stick to my own style, but I must borrow Tiki’s look within this picture. She looks stunning and so does Ms. Kerry. Bold beautiful colors..

    Great tips!

    • LA

      Tika, excuse the typo just in case you are Clutch supporter. :)

  • Kacey

    Side Note: I think Tika Sumpter is absolutely gorgeous!

  • cb

    Ok, please let us be very clear..Laura Mercier, does not have GOOD colors for dark skin tone…too light, even for a highlighter…products to try Bobbi Brown, Fashion Fair, Posner, Iman and Black Radiance…my 2cents

    • Humanista

      I use and REALLY LIKE Black Radience’s bronzer (I am dark brown, so I tried the bronze-y purple–definitely made me look bruised, lol…the bronze is a great match though!)…. As for every other of their products I’ve tried except for eye shadow: booo.

    • C

      For me Black Radiance has been hit or miss. Either I really like it or really don’t. I agree on the bronzer…

  • Unfortunately, Ulta DOES NOT carry the CK One Skin Illuminator in Hot, which is the illuminator for darker skin tones.