President Obama won re-election last night, cementing his place in history making him just the sixth Democratic president to win a second term. After a contentious battle that seemed to drag on forever, America now knows that President Obama will be at the helm continuing to lead the country for four more years.

But while many celebrated the news that Mr. Obama would stay in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I was excited for a different reason: Michelle Obama will continue to be our First Lady!

Since she burst on the international stage, Mrs. Obama has not only been uber-popular in the black community, but around the world as well. Her style has been written about, and her personality is infectious. By being herself—brilliant, passionate, and down to earth–she single-handedly reshaped the image of what an America First Lady looks and acts like.

Though being the First “Mom-in-Chief” is her top job, Mrs. Obama threw herself into issues that were close to her heart: inspiring healthy living and advocating for veterans and their families.

Through her “Let’s Move” initiative, Mrs. Obama danced, double-dutched, and gardened her way into being America’s top healthy role model, inspiring millions to live healthier lives.

While I’m excited to see what an Obama second term brings, I’m heartened by the fact that Michelle Obama, a sista from the South Side of Chicago, will continue to be the world’s most visible woman.

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