“Everyone has hiccups in their families,” Gabby Douglas said in an interview with People Magazine, when asked about her absent father. The 16 year-old gymnast, who made history at the 2012 Olympics by winning the Team and All-Around gold medal, is opening up about those hiccups in a new book, “Grace, Gold and Glory: My Leap of Faith.”

The memoir will include her thoughts on her broken relationship with dad, Timothy Douglas, an Air National guardsman. Gabby has always credited her mom with raising her as a single mother and nurturing her dreams of one day becoming an Olympian. Though her Dad wasn’t always present, he showed his support during the Olympic games, cheering Gabby on from the stands.

But after the games were over, he disappointed Gabby once again. She received a text from him, asking for her “to autograph some things for me.” It brought her to tears.

Gabby told People she wants an apology from her father, and I truly do hope she gets it. But it’s more important that she forgive him to find her own inner peace and that she doesn’t let a “hiccup” take away from this incredible time in her life.

What are your thoughts on Gabby Douglas’s book and revelation about her relationship with her father, Clutchettes?

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  • Can someone tell me what’s wrong with a father asking his daughter to autograph some things for him? She don’t really know what went on between her mother and father all she know is what her mother tols her!

  • Karen Coleman

    I couldn’t believe that I was reading this article right. How sad and insensitive can one human being be? Gabby’s Dad is a loser and should be put in the same box with Shaquille O’Neals biological Dad. I hope that Gabby knows she is blessed and really doesn’t need negative people in her life. I know she probably loves her Dad, but just sometimes you have to put people in their place and leave them there. You don’t have to harbor animosity, but you don’t have to deal with them either.

  • Karen Coleman

    First of all he obviously only want the autograph for financial gain. He hasn’t done anything for her and is still looking out for self. What a pitiful excuse for a man….and Dad! Get a grip. If you are going to be a dirt bag, at least do it from a distance. AND stop being so obvious! If it’s money that means more to you than your daughter how about you get a job…..