HBO to air Beyonce documentary

Looks like Beyoncé’s stans just got an early Christmas present. According to the Associated Press, HBO and the pop diva will team up to premiere a documentary that will take Bey’s fans behind the scenes and into her private life.

The untitled documentary, which will also be directed by Beyoncé, will feature home videos as well as never-before-seen footage of her performances.

The AP gives more details:

The network said the documentary will include “video that provides raw, unprecedented access to the private entertainment icon and high-voltage performances.” It will also feature home videos of her family and of the singer as a new mother and owner of her company, Parkwood Entertainment. 

Beyonce said in a statement the untitled project was “personal” to her. She is married to Jay-Z. They had their first child, daughter Blue Ivy Carter, in January.

The film is set to debut February 16, just two weeks after Beyoncé takes over the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

If there was any doubt she was looking to prolong break from the spotlight, this documentary, along with her Super Bowl performance, should be an indication that Beyoncé is on her way back to try to claim her crown.

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  • ArabellaMichaela

    You can always be counted on to “throw shade” on the women this site is for. Beyonce is gorgeous and totally fly. She is hardly boring. But her “story” is well known; so I’ll definitely skip the documentary.
    Love seeing her in concert though!

  • She’s trying her hand at full-on directing and producing… That’s cool. And this is good promo to go along with every other thing she’ll have going on in February: Superbowl, magazine covers and spreads, album release, etc. I just wonder how different it will be and if it will really be raw and unique or will it be more of the same of what’s been offered in the past by way of “behind-the-scenes” Beyonce? I’ll watch it when it airs on the telly. Or Youtube. (VEVO), whatever.

  • Cia Bia

    I love Bey and I will check out the documentary but probably not in the theaters, I will wait until it is on DVD. For some reason I never check out the celeb documentaries that often. I go see the one on Tupac that Eminem did years back.

    It always makes me sad how critical people are, especially women, of Beyonce. You might not like her but she is a serious powerhouse and has real talent. To talk about her “small teeth” how low. No one is perfect but since she always put on the pedestal of beauty then I guess it makes people feel better to criticize something like her teeth.


    Beyonce has the personality of a robot that’s constipated with a Trojan virus and can’t shit it out. So in a Whitney Houston voice “Hell to tha N – O.”

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