I was in Paris in early October to shop, cover Paris Fashion Week, and attend Le Bal — a fancy-schmancy black-tie soiree hosted by MAC Cosmetics to fete Carine Roitfeld and their newly released cosmetic collaboration.

Le Bal’s dress code was super strict — Black Tie, Smoky Eye. Further instruction revealed that guests were permitted to wear all black, all white, or mixture of both, so obviously I chose the latter and turned up at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in what can best be described as a little bit of my downtown style mishmashed with a little bit of their uptown glamour. When I stepped into the ballroom (my Cinderella moment was everything), I was wearing a black silk floor-length peplum ballgown skirt over a clingy white cotton t-shirt, along with a few Paris-perfect accoutrement.


When in France, wear the French: Yves Saint Laurent + Christian Louboutin + Sephora.

Also, the aforementioned and expected smoky eyes, as well as several star stencils that Roitfeld designed. (Gala recently bought a set; I wore a shitload of them to the party.)


As you can see pictured above — the men in attendance took the dress code quite seriously as well. I spied several straight guys wearing makeup. And a lot of it. See those smoky eyes? See those star stencils? See that highlighter? Le sigh!

Am I the only one perplexed by this? (#SorryNotSorry Adam Lambert, Russell Brand, Zac Efron, Pete Wentz, Criss Angel, et al.) Personally, I think manscaping has gotten a bit out of hand. It’s one thing to revel in the moment and cheekily follow instructions on a party invitation or get all gussied up and dust a little powder on your T-zone if you’re performing — it’s entirely another to ask your wife to paint your nails black for you every week. (Yep, you read that right.)

I mean, I’m A-OK with men wearing ponytails and boy buns, but I draw the line at spending more time in the loo primping than I do. (Not possible, by the way.) I could possibly never see myself with a man who asks to share my eyeliner.

What about you? Tell me — am I archaic in wanting to reserve makeup for women and gay men?

P.S. –Back to Carine Roitfeld. I also hung out at her apartment, immediately after which I damn near died. Best. Night. Ever!


Her + me = HEAVEN.

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  • Penelope

    Yeah, it is quite wrong to put that man’s picture on this website. I am sure he has no knowledge of it and would most likely not consent.

    I find that with most of your articles you try really hard to be edgy and original, but it often comes across as self-involved, callous, immature, and a bit cruel (thinking back to the one where you described with glee how you emailed your ex’s family and friends about the state of her anus through his email account).

    I would encourage you to be more accepting of other around you and exercise a bit of restraint in your actions/words. In the same way that I accept the way you chose to present your eyebrows to the world at that “very fancy” event.

  • Says the woman with half her head shaved……

  • I actually dig guys like that. For me it’s just being attracted to someone out of the normal fold. I’ve always been attracted to those who tend to accentuate their looks (men and women) be it body mods or makeup. Bothers me not. They like it I love it.

  • Bronze

    I’d rather be w/a man who wears eyeliner than a dude w/numerous baby mamas any day!