I’m about to go on a hair journey. Relaxed for many more years than I’d like to admit right here, I know I’m a few minutes past being fashionably late to the natural hair party. One thing I know is that within my very personal transitional process, I have options: I can shave all my hair off and start fresh or I can start transitioning through some styles to save me hair. I can braid my hair up, and I can also braid it up and get a weave, or a wig.

Needless to say, I haven’t exactly made up my mind of how it’s going down, but trolling around these Internets daily and having social media at my side at all times, there’s never a shortage of inspiration from women who are at the beginning, in-between, final stages of maintaining, styling and loving their natural hair.

With that, I present some swoon worthy natural hair Instagram stars. There are way too many to list here, so if you have a fave, feel free to mention her in the comments.

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