While the 31 year-old Oakland-raised singer has been dodging bullets about her marriage, Keyshia Cole faced off with critics about her race. Some fans took offense to Cole’s recent comment about possibly being bi-racial and her brief hesitation to represent a black women’s organization.

On a recent visit to BET’s “106 & Park” show to promote her new album Woman to Woman, Cole revealed that she really didn’t know much about Black Girls Rock, an annual event that seeks to uplift young women of color. When she was asked to participate in this year’s show, Cole said that because of her interracial blood, she was a bit uneasy about representing the organization before signing on.

“I’m bi-racial, but it’s okay. I’m Black, I’m black.” she said on the show. “At first I was kind of skeptical about being a part of the Black Girls Rock organization, but then when I read on it and I realized how strengthening it is for our Black women, and women in general, how strengthening it is for us to come together and understand that we rock…”

Cole’s fans then took to Twitter to address the shiftiness over her bi-racial claim. Some followers tried to claim that Cole was trying to deny her blackness. Cole responded and quickly shutdown the chatter.

“I was raised in Oakland. My mother is a Black woman HOWEVER I do not know my father. Nor really care to know.”

“People talking about I said I’m not black? Wtf.. People are crazy. They will take your words and do what they want with them! #GetaLife,” she tweeted.

She confirmed via Twitter and on the show that after doing her research and learning more about the organization, she was proud to support the program

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  • JB

    Quite frankly, what she said wasn’t wrong being that she was not fully aware of what kind of organisation it was and the roles that were involved. However, neither did she indicate that she was not black…”bi- racial.” Which means that if she wanted to rep either or her racial group it would be up to her. Totally agree with this- People of Mixed-Race lineage should NOT feel pressured to ‘identify’ according to any standards other than one’s own.

    • Never said she was wrong, frankly don’t care….wonder if now that she knows what the organization is about, will she appear on future shows….her performance was off da chain, for what its worth….and if people of mixed-race/bi-racial want to identify as black or white, that is their choice, is it not? And if it is, why do people who advocate that, get hankty when the current president refers to himself as african american? Halle Berry does the same thing, does she not?

    • queenbee9

      Why is she saying biracial if she does not know who her daddy was and if her mom was really a prostitute, chances are high even her momma does not know who her daddy was.

    • ImJustSaying

      Wow. Jealous much?
      Attacking someone for acknowledging
      their FULL lineage and then falsely
      calling their mother a prostitute
      (when the only thing that any
      one knows for sure is that she
      was a drug user .. which does
      NOT make a person into a
      prostitute ‘by default’.)

  • dale

    everybody is mixed with some

    • ImJustSaying

      Having a few-drops of “other” blood does NOT make
      a person “mixed’ — thus — everyone is NOT “mixed”.

  • The Edge

    How did some folks get some bizarre idea that a biracial person calling herself biracial is somehow problematic? Secure blacks who love being black have no reason to care who is or isn’t accepting their biracial heritage. That’s a painful fact you must accept.

    And no, not everyone is “mixed”, and of those who are, far fewer have a basically 50/50 mix, which makes them equally black and white, despite what ignorant, small-minded people in society say.

    • ImJustSaying

      Brilliantly worded and I agree with your posting 100% !!!!

  • If Keyshia Cole says she is biracial the she is NOT black. PERIOD. Black people better stop excepting that old slave master one-drop rule crap.

  • cathy5000

    I wish I had her eye color naturally. mine is so boring and plain old poo poo brown. :/ sigh i can always dream.