The media’s obsession with black women has been pretty relentless these past few years, and while many of us have been discussing, writing comments, and penning articles to counteract the stereotypes that are often trotted out, the attacks just keep coming.

While the mainstream media seems overly concerned with our dating habits and our health, many in our communities (i.e. some rappers) seem dead set on tearing us down.

Between the songs and videos that reduce women of color to a fat ass and a willing mouth, and the very real violence that confronts many women, the assault on women—both lyrically and literally—is stunning.

To fight back against the culture of misogyny that has continued to spread throughout our culture, the media literacy group FAAN MAIL, which stands for Fostering Activism and Alternatives NOW, is pushing back against the negative images that have become so pervasive today.

In a recent “Talk Back,” the ladies of FAAN MAIL take on 2 Chainz and Kanye West’s hit, “Birthday Song,” in which the pair admit that all they want is a “big booty hoe.”

FAAN MAIL explains why they took on the song, and those like Universal Music Group, who profit from such a song.

They write:

For decades, artists, fans, and scholar activists have been writing and making films about this exploitation, rallying against it, provoking dialogue, engaging community and offering alternative messages that are rarely celebrated by corporations like UMG. Even young girls are speaking up (seeSpark Summit and Watoto from the Nile). Are you listening to them?

Together we are fighting this exploitation and the internalized oppression that it reinforces in communities of color and our greater society. In your mansion, Mr. Grainge, you probably never concern yourself with the struggles of black and brown girls or something called internalized oppression. But this reality is too close for many of us to ignore.

The group recorded a “Talk Back” which riffs on the “Birthday Song” meme and makes the point that all women of color want is to be treated like human beings.

We agree.

Check out FAAN MAIL’s Birthday Song Talk Back & let us know what you think. 

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  • Tanycha

    There’s that old adage, if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. Young women have the right to oppose insults and ridicule. It’s a great idea to provide express protest to all the raunchy and debased images. I could see if women of color were represented by an array of positive images, but that’s not the case. I applaud their efforts.

  • Ms. Vee

    Before we get upset with the crass stereotypes perpetuated by men in rap videos, shouldn’t we take issue with the hoodrats that willingly plastered their asses on camera? See, its one thing to show concern for those that are exploited without consent. Its another to willingly allow someone to exploit you. Thus, those part-time strippers should not be viewed as victims. If you want respect, act respectful.