Last week was one of the most stressful weeks in my whole entire life. Of course the week I relocate to New York City for my first television writing job, I got caught up in Hurricane Sandy madness. As long as I’ve lived in the New Jersey and New York City area, I’ve never experienced anything like Hurricane Sandy’s magnitude. Although I was one of the fortunate people in Brooklyn not to have a power outage, the after effects of the hurricane caused me a substantial amount of stress.

As a person who’s used to a daily commute in a car, I was actually looking forward to taking the subway into work. But unfortunately Sandy wrecked havoc on the public transit system in New York City. My daily commute of 10 miles from Brooklyn into Manhattan took no less than 2 hours. Couple that with the HOV restrictions put into effect last Thursday, I had to resort to picking up strangers on the streets of Brooklyn just to get across the Manhattan Bridge. Thankfully they weren’t crazy and didn’t kill me. As of today, the transit system still hasn’t been fully restored.

Speaking of transportation, Hurricane Sandy disrupted gas delivery to the Tri-State area. With lines covering more than 3 city blocks in NYC, a gas station is the last place anyone wants to be. But it is a necessary evil. After traveling to New Jersey for gas last Thursday night, I discovered their situation wasn’t any better. Before running out of gas I decided to call it a night at a friend’s house and continue my gas quest the next day. Friday morning rolls around and I ended up sitting in a gas line for over 5 hours and running out of gas. By the time I get pushed up to the gas pump and after seeing gas prices were being gouged ($4.59 a gallon for regular is unheard of in New Jersey), I wanted to get as far away from the area as I could.

Although I started a new job, Hurricane Sandy and her aftermath definitely put a little damper on it. But after regrouping back in Maryland, and returning to New York City yesterday, I’m ready to handle what’s left of her aftermath, and mentally prepare myself for this Nor’easter heading to the area. Oh joy.

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