Traditionally, a woman takes on her husband’s surname after marriage to represent her new identity but in recent years, there’s been a shift in the practice. More women are hyphenating their maiden and married surnames, and meshing has emerged as a viable option for newly-married couples.

Meshing, which originally became popular in the U.S. six years ago and is becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK, entails that husband and wife fuse their last names together to create a surname that represents both parties.

For instance, a man and woman with the last names Moore and Harrington might become Moorington, Grimes and Andrews might become Grandrews, and so on and so forth.

The practice allows for a sense of equality, which the antiquated tradition of adopting the husband’s surname seems to lack. Meshing also eschews the need for a hyphen, which some people find inconvenient.

What’s your take on meshing, Clutchettes and Gents? Would you be open to embracing this trend?


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  • P

    I really didn’t have a problem taking my husband’s last name. I kept my last name as my middle with no-hyphen… and dropped my middle name completely. Also, what I attempted to do was to preserve my last name thru our son’s. Even tough, I wasn’t crazy about MY last name (an obvious slave -given name) – I still wanted to have my name as our son’s middle.

    I think it is very neat when you have a suitable last name that canbe used as a first name or a middle name for the children. For example – Jackson Bridges. This way both names are preserved for genealogical purposes. .

  • Mademoiselle

    I was waiting for this one to come out as soon as I saw the “but it’s your slave master’s name” posts. The next question would be if this meshing becomes a trend, genealogy will be a helluva field to work in 3 or 4 generations from now when you have to decipher how your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc decided on the combinations they used. At the end of the day, you’re either preserving a one-sided legacy or detaching yourself from at least some part of your past.

  • Perspective


    E.G. – No true male ownership of their homes, children, or community – NO LEGACY FOR THE BLACK MAN.

    And then they wonder why the black woman is NOT collectively valued to PATRIARCHAL STANDARDS as in ALL other communities where men build and pass on their wealth or what they have created to THEIR CHILDREN with THEIR NAME – which gives them a sense of pride and overall responsibility. SMDH



    They ALWAYS – miss the point that the value of ANY WOMAN is directly attached to what men are building and trying to pass on, and here you have women in the below comment talking about HYPHENATION of their name which is in league with the STRONG INDEPENDENCE OF BLACK WOMEN – and then they wonder why they aren’t valued.

    I’m about to be done with this whole conversation because I can see my words just simply fall on deaf ears.

    “Traditionally, a woman takes on her husband’s surname after marriage to represent her new identity but in recent years, there’s been a shift in the practice. More women are hyphenating their maiden and married surnames, and meshing has emerged as a viable option for newly-married couples.”

    • Flash

      @ Perspective

      I made a comment on this thread a while back and I was going to argue it out… but then I thought what’s the point? marriage, with the current laws we have, divorce rates, alimony, child custody, matriarchal women etc is a bad deal for men, lets face it the cards are stacked against them.

      I think women hyphenating their name is the least of our problems. I fully understand what you mean about building and the passing on of wealth etc but what can you really build with women like these?!!? Its not happening, and the state of the blk community and relations between BM & BW is evidence of that.

      All BM can really do is work/focus on themselves and their children and leave BW to their own devices. You made a great comment though.

    • Perspective

      Thumbs down all you want. This is a REALITY that eventually black women are going to have to face.

      At this point I’m just thinking the community is too far gone. There is too much internal resistance to patriarchy, too much internal resistance to “structure” and “respecting positions” because people always find some way of DISMISSING it because its associated with the overall white power structure.

      I don’t know how black people expect other black people to want to fulfill positions that NO ONE RESPECTS – that are needed positions in the community.


      Even though MONEY is precisely what is being used AGAINST the black community, precisely what we lack and don’t have, also it is only those individuals WITH RESOURCES – damn where they got it from that SHOULD be used to repair the community.

      With the community the way it is – and the complete LACK of structure that exist because everyone wants to be so much of a “GDI”

      Put all that in a box – OH YEA! Black women will never be VALUED in the ways that you see women valued in other communities.

      With the way things are – it will NEVER HAPPEN.

  • The Solution is simple…

    Do NOT marry American women…


  • liwymi

    I love the idea, I even have a facebook page created for the practice :)