Tyler Perry is at it again. The mogul is producing, writing and directing an upcoming flick, “Single Mom’s Club,” which will feature Nia Long along with Wendi McLendon-Covey (“Bridesmaids” and “Reno:911”) and Zulay Henao.

The film, which opens in May 2014, follows single mothers with varied backgrounds and experiences who cross paths after an incident at their childrens’ school. The mothers create a support group where they help each other through the challenges of motherhood as single women. Long will star as ‘Lydia,’ McLendon-Covey will play ‘Jan’ and Henao’s character is named ‘Esperanza.’ William Levy and Tyler Perry are playing the male lead roles. The film will go into production at the end of November.

The diverse cast should draw a broad demographic, which will be great for expanding Tyler Perry’s audience. We can only hope the film celebrates the tenacity and strength of single mothers, without slamming men in the process (arguably a theme in Perry’s films).

Are you checking for “Single Mom’s Club,” Clutchettes? Will you go see it?

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  • Perspective

    Aside from Tyler’s Obvious catering to the LESS FORTUNATE circumstances of black women and their over all insecurities brought on by many thing, not saying it’s their fault, but I do think black women like to BOND of their problems and wallow in their CHRONIC suffering – which makes them hard to deal with – BUT I do grow tired of black films recycling the SAME OLD BLACK WOMEN OVER 40 for all their leading roles –

    MEANWHILE – white media/hollywood – throw a brand new fresh faced – fresh out of HS white girl at us every 10 months.

    People want to talk about how black women are underrepresented and “THEIR TRUE BEAUTY IS NOT SHOW” – but man we just keep on recycling these same black women.

    Let me make of list of over used black women.

    Gabrielle Union
    Angela Bassett
    Nia Long
    Kerry Washington
    Loretta Devine
    Kimberly Elise
    Vivica A Fox

    I’m sure there are more I missed – but take any combination of these women in a movie – $1000 its a TP movie. All I have to hear is that white guy with the creepy voice “Coming to a theatre near you… staring Kerry Washington… Nia Long… and then the 5 brothas they love to over use… also starring Morris Chestnut, Idris Elba, Michael Jai White, and The Random Light skin ninja with green eyes, who will swoop into the rescue to save the dark skin woman from the dark skin man who doesn’t like dark skin women, because he’s self hating!” Oh oh oh – let me guess ITS A TYLER PERRY MOVIE!

    DING DING DING! – What did I win?!

    Great Actresses – BUT DAMN! As Brotha I’m saying can we get some FRESH NEW FACES – All these women are over 35 – most are at 40 and over 40.

    Uh oh – here comes white media with the SEXY – 22 year old white girl.

    Bw: “Angela Bassett is a BEAUTIFULLLLLLL WOMAN!”

    Bm: “Yea, she is. She’s also 54 years old. I’d rather see Taylor Swift naked. Sorry!”

    Bw: “You are just SELF HATING! – YOUR MOTHER’S BLACK!”

    • Malik Hemmans

      Lmfao! yes the light skin brotha always saves the black woman

  • Of course. Everything Nia does is gold.