Donald Trump embarrassed himself on Election Night with a now infamous rant following President Barack Obama’s win. He blamed the Republican party, Mitt Romney and even our democracy for the outcome of the election, and suggested that a revolution was imminent.

His antics that night were the latest in a long line of actions that have angered Macy’s shoppers. In a petition on SignOn.org, created by Angelo Carusone, people are demanding that Macy’s cease working with Trump.

The petition underscores Trump’s “unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior.” It cites sexist remarks he’s made (some about his own daughter) and his offer of five million dollars to President Obama to release his college transcripts and passport records. They also highlight the fact that he produces products in China and neighboring countries while complaining about jobs being sent to China. Supporters believe these instances prove that Trump fails to represent the “magic of Macy’s” and their mission to be “socially responsible.”

Over half a million people have signed the petition. While some feel that Trump’s beliefs and actions should have no bearing on the products he sells, many believe his personal life and public image are inextricably linked. Of course, though the petition has gotten a lot of press, it won’t have any real impact until people stop purchasing Trump’s products.

What do you think of the petition, Clutchettes? Should Macy’s drop Donald Trump? Should one’s personal actions and belief have an impact on their ability to do business?

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