Coldest Winter Ever follow-up book

It’s been 13 years since readers passed around Sister Souljah’s addictive novel, Coldest Winter Ever, about a cutthroat young woman whose love of money led to her demise. Souljah’s best-selling book quickly spread through college dorms, beauty shops, book clubs, prisons, and led to a resurgence of the Street Lit, genre.  Despite talks of a film, and many fans clamoring for a follow-up, Souljah made readers wait—until now.

In the new book, A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story, Souljah takes readers back inside the inner-workings of the Santiaga clan.

According to a press release, A Deeper Love Inside “revisits the lives of the beloved characters from The Coldest Winter Ever, but this time tells the story through the eyes of Porsche Santiaga, the forgotten middle sister. Porsche is young and beautiful, loyal to her family and friends, and unafraid to fight and love with the same extreme intensity. Readers are sure to be drawn to this coming-of-age story, told in Sister Souljah’s magnificent signature style.”

A Deeper Love Inside will hit bookstores on January 29, 2013 and if fans are still in love with Winter, then they will flock to this one.

What do you think? Will you be reading, A Deeper Love Inside?

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  • Blue

    Maybe I’ll read this. I loved the Coldest Winter ever (even though there was no PlayStation in the early 90’s according to her book) I read the book about Midnight & it bored me to tears. it was so unrealistic it wasn’t even funny. Oh & let me not start about how it bashed black AMERICAN women. I thought it was going to be a back story about hsi life & how he met Santiaga etc.But instead he was chasing after some Japanese girl in China Town. It’s sitting on my shelf collecting dust if anyone is interested in borrowing it. Hell you can keep it if you like.

    • Audrey

      Can I have the book

    • Angelah Browne

      I could not agree more with your entire comment.

  • I could not get into the Midnight books, they bored me to death. I loved the Porsche Santaiga book but I would have loved to see a follow up just about Winter and how she ended up in prison and what will happen when she gets out of prison. Will she try to get with Midnight even though he has several wives? The Porsche was mostly about Porsche and not winters life…