Fast fashion companies like Zara appear to offer great deals, but they could be costing us more than we think. Greenpeace just published a study that revealed that fashion fashion companies, specifically Levi’s, Zara and Calvin Klein, use cancer-causing dyes and materials.

Fashionista reports:

Greenpeace just released an investigative report called Toxic Threads: The Big Fashion Stitch-Up in which it tested 141 items of clothing from 20 brands and found that items from every one of those brands contained traces of hazardous chemicals. The worst offenders were Calvin Klein, with 88% of items contatining hazardous chemicals, Levi’s with 82% and Zara with 70%.

Greenpeace is asking fast fashion brands to do away with harmful dyes and fabrics or at the very least, be honest with consumers about their product development process.

What do you think about Green Peace’s study, Clutchettes? Will their findings impact your shopping habits?


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