Did you just cut a zero? Break up with a bad boy? Let go of a loser? Then you’re going to need a bit of guidance on how to get your groove back. Try this post-breakup hotness manual. Swerve. (Refinery 29)

Who knew tennis superstar Venus Williams has been holding court with her own interior design firm since 2002? Her company, V Starr Interiors, handles NFL and NBA clients, but most recently she’s added her flair to the InterContinental Miami hotel. (T Magazine)

Not all naturalistas are hardcore and sooooo serious about their hair. There’s a lighter side of things when you’re living that natural hair life, too. Really. Natural Hair Problems blog is over 100 problems deep, but the creator—follow her @BrokeyMcpoverty—also answers hair questions, posts pics of her followers, and lets us into her own her journey. (Natural Hair Problems)

The weekend is here and you deserve to be pampered. But wait, it’s not your pay week and your car payment is due. No problem, just use these tips (think: candles, waterproof radio, scrubs and oils) to turn your shower into a home spa. (Bella Sugar)

Nicki Minaj says black women don’t give her enough credit for the strides she’s making as an influential artist and businesswoman. Jezebel questions whether Nicki’s fondness for blondness impacts little black girls…and if her Jezebel-esque physique is more sad than sassy. Hmmm. (Jezebel)

Bonus: Speaking of bodies, Jennifer Hudson says she’s not dropping any more pounds. “I’m at the weight I want to be,” tells Redbook. “People are under the impression that I’m still losing but I’m not.” Whew, you know we like a little something to hold on to, Jen. (Frugivore)



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