I’m not sure how I feel about this, but according to film blog Shadow & Act, Universal Pictures has announced that a sequel to the classic black romcom, The Best Man, will hit theaters next fall.

Talk of a sequel spread across the web last year when the cast reunited for a dinner celebrating the film, but it became official when Universal sent out an email touting a November 2013 release.

When I first heard the sequel was moving forward, I was excited. After all, The Best Man was one of my favorite 90s’ romantic comedies. But then I started to think. Sequels are rarely better, or even on par, with the original, and it will be difficult to bridge the gap between the last thirteen years.

What drama will writer/director Malcolm Lee think up? Another wedding? More sexual tension between Kendall and Harper? Is Q—brilliantly played by Terrance Howard—finally ready to settle down?

Every storyline I can think of feels predictable, and let’s face it, the brothas of The Best Man aren’t as fun to look at anymore. Sure, Morris Chestnut is still handsome, but Taye Diggs and Harold Perrineau have lost a little of their sex appeal. And let’s not even get on Terrance “Baby Wipes” Howard, are sistas even checking for him anymore?

As happy as I am to know that a cast of talented, black actors will be reunited on the screen, I wish it were for something original.

What made The Best Man so great was the fact that it was fresh and new, and a remake—although fun for fans—seems like a wasted opportunity to showcase such a wonderful ensemble.

What do you think?  Are you looking forward to ‘The Best Man’ sequel? 

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  • ruggie

    loved the original, can’t wait for the sequel, how the characters turned out!

  • engtzgirl

    Taye Diggs looks better now than he did then…Check out Private Practice.

  • kara

    Ironically, 3 out of 4 of the black men of the cast are married to white women and 3 out of 4 of the black women are over 40 and never married. But we all know that black women who these men would not give the time of day will be the biggest supporters of the movie….Sad

    • alldawg

      Hmmm…i wonder why

    • leelah

      i kinda agree…with a movie like this the antics of these men kinda ruin their sex appeal. terrance howard is a wife beater, which makes it hard for me to drool over him. I’ll cringe every time I see him. and taye diggs is a complaining wimp who had the nerve to blame black women for the fact that he hasn’t reached denzel or will smith stardom. my black power bone itches every time i see him. and the dude with the braids was great on Lost but he’s so bitter looking. he was such a pain to work with, they wrote him off the show. I think the pompous entitled attitudes of these three men is the very reason why they married who they did.

  • kara

    Wake up black women! Wake up!!!!!!!!