It’s no secret that here at Clutch we’re huge fans of Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs’ site, Street Etiquette. The cutting-edge photography and uniquely captivating style sets Street Etiquette apart from the myriad of fashion blogs on the web.

Kissi and Gumbs’ sophisticated take on menswear caught the eye of The New York Times who labeled the site one of the “foremost online repositories of black style” and called the founders “the most prominent public faces of a new burst of black dandyism taking root in small retail outlets, niche fashion lines and thoughtful style blogs.”

At Clutch, we appreciated Street Etiquette for pushing the sartorial boundaries of black masculine style, fusing sharp sophisticated tailoring with a citylike unstudied flair. Kissi and Gumbs are fearless when cultivating their looks, which helped to usher in a new era of black mens fashion.

Their creativity also extends to photography. The duo tells a story through their Street Style photos, often featuring subjects in motion and in significant settings.

One editorial that received critical acclaim was “The Black Ivy.” The brilliant project celebrated the original HBCUs and the sharply-dressed gentlemen of yesteryear, their outfits re-imagined with a modernized twist.

So popular was the spread that it’s now the inspiration behind the brand’s first line of t-shirts. With a collegiate theme, the “Black Ivy” t-shirts have a charming vintage feel.

The tees feature logos and emblems inspired by college gear and are a bit faded to give the pieces a worn-in vibe.

They’re available here.

It’s so great to witness Street Etiquette’s first foray into clothing, and we’re excited for what’s to come!

What do you think of Street Etiquette’s “Black Ivy” t-shirts, Clutchettes?

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  • Natalie

    Why does it have to be deemed “black style” though? Even urban style is a little better!

    Isn’t it just style? I’m going to start calling J. Crew and Ralph Lauren “white style” even though loads of other ethnicities wear it as well lol

    • E!

      In this case it’s black style because it reflects us (in part) and is geared towards us. Much like J.Crew and Ralph Lauren are geared towards white folks. Of course Polo Sport was the exception, once rappers popularized it.

  • I like the shirts.

  • I love these shirts! I didn’t realize they were meant to support HBCUs, though. Don’t get me wrong: that’s a great cause and I’m glad to see support being rallied for HBCUs, but I’m not gonna lie, I was sitting here trying to decide how I thought the red one would look on a woman, *really* excited to have something to rep myself a a Black Ivy League graduate. Ah, well. The shirts are still really cool. I’m glad to see Street Etiquette doin the damn thing.

  • bit pricey for t-shirt but i like the concept.