Necklaces, bracelets, and rings, oh my! Putting together the perfect outfit for a night out can be daunting if you are suffering from a case of accessory indecision. We’ve all had those moments when we should’ve put away that scarf or left the brooch at home. No one wants to look like a walking, talking jewelry box. So when do we say enough is enough?

[Take one thing off before you leave the house.  — Coco Chanel]

I love accessories. Sometimes, they completely revamp an outfit, saving it from being sent to thrift store heaven. They can also be very inexpensive. It’s easy to see how a person can overkill. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned when to put that extra ring back, but it was not always so easy.

Hi, my name is ________ . And I am an accessorholic.

It started in middle school, when Barbie’s wonderful world of fashion and beauty became less amusing. As my relationship with my plastic play pal started to deteriorate, I started to ditch her for something new — the mall.

The mall was a wondrous place to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’d been there before with my parents, but I was seeing it through sharper lenses. From the smell of the pretzels baking to the free samples of bourbon chicken, the mall was my new playground. It was here where my love for accessorizing started, after stumbling upon Claire’s.

Wall to wall accessories filled the store in different colors and styles. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Affordable and fun, I grabbed everything that caught my eye. Because of Claire’s my accessory collection out grew my ballerina jewelry box and spilled onto my dresser.

Unable to decide on just one, I wore several different pieces to school. Two necklaces, a string of bangles, a ring, large earrings, and a headband all piled onto to my short frame as I headed to the bus stop. This style continued into my freshman and sophomore years in high school until I learned that less is more.

As an adult I’ve learned to master the art of accessorizing. It has been a long winding road, full of fashion fails and triumphs, but one thing is certain — I take off at least one thing before leaving the house.

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