Our thermostat levels are dropping. Halloween has commenced. Thanksgiving is peeking around life’s corner. Winter is signed, sealed, and will be delivered on most of our stoops in a few weeks. For fellow book lovers, there are few seasons that compare to the blissful chill of winter. Cozying under a cover and escaping into other realities is one of life’s treasures. With the winter countdown underway, here’s a list of 10 books to indulge in this frosty season.

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  • chinaza

    If you want to venture into classic Caribbean literature, you might like “Green Days By The River” by Michael Anthony (Trinidad) and “Growing Up Stupid Under The Union Jack” by Austin Clarke (Barbados).
    These books are set in the culture and context of colonial times and are so rich in feeling.
    Or non-fiction “Bob Marley”by his mother Cedella Booker. Excellent.

  • The Other Jess

    If you’d like to try out a fantasy/sci-fi novel written by an African American woman, I suggest “Choosing Deceit: The Shun-Ur Book I” from author S.R. Sarai. Fantastical worlds, mystical people, fairy tales and heroes from other lands best characterize this book – it’s different and great!

  • Barbara2

    I go out of my way to find books by Black authors. I just read “Brainwashed,” by Tom Burrel, and am currently reading “A Reason To Belive,” by Deval Patrick–the first Black Governor of Massahusetts. “Power Concedes Nothing,” by “Connie” Rice–yes she is Condolezza’s cousin.

    Since I read about 10 books per 3 months, I tend to read everthing that comes out–no matter who the author.

    I read a book called “Plutonium” that took me through the politis of Africa and the world–by a White guy.

    Every Black woman should read “The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks,” by Rebeca Skloot (White woman wrote it). Too many of us don’t know the story of this Black woman (Henrietta), although she is one of us.

  • thank all of you for this list. i will definitely bookmark this page and look into these books!