A recent study revealed that two out of every five African-American women avoid exercising because of their hair. The study, which was conducted by Dr. Amy McMichael, a dermatologist at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, surveyed 103 African-American women who came to the dermatology clinic at Wake Forest University in October 2007. Published in the Archives of Dermatalogy, the findings identified costly salon visits, the need for frequent washes and messed up hairstyles as the reason many black women avoid working out. With obesity rates rising in the U.S., the study immediately became a cause for concern though most black women have grappled with this problem for a long time.

Here are only a few tips that can help preserve your hairstyle while exercising at the gym:

-Try a sweat-absorbent headband like Save Your ‘Do gymwrap by Nicole Ari Parker available here

You can’t avoid sweat but you can keep moisture away from your hair with sweat-absorbent headbands that focus on your forehead and the back of your neck.

-Rock a ‘pineapple’ updo.

By wearing a sweat-absorbent headband and pinning your hair up, you can help keep your hair away from sweat on your scalp, forehead and back of your neck and stop moisture from ruining your look.

-Dry Shampoo

Some women avoid working out because of the need for more frequent washes. A good way to wash your hair without damaging your style is dry shampoo. A few spritzes will absorb sweat and oil and freshen up your hair.

-Wear your hair in braids or twists.

If your hair is natural, try wearing it in braids or twists while working out so it doesn’t shrink.

-Wrap hair up with a satin scarf.

A satin scarf will help soak up the sweat while you work out and protect your style. If you don’t want to cover your entire head, try folding the scarf in half and using it as a headband.

What tips do you use to preserve your hairstyle while working out?

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  • PJ

    I’m disappointed with Clutch for taking the surface approach to this “news” which has been swirling around since 2007 apparently (it is almost 2013 folks). No where near 40% of all black women in america avoid exercise solely because of their hair. I’m more interested in knowing why they keep publishing these types of stories over and over again. Also why they don’t EVER do any stories on why white women do the strange things that they do, yet seem to be so interested in black women’s lives?

  • apple

    this why i wear weave… i can look good sweat..swimming..sleeping or f**king … tehehe

    • Micheal

      Apple Bet your weave smells like shit when your f**king though lol

    • Lala

      Thats really rude

  • Bump Mediocrity

    Fat overweight women need to work out. Period. No matter what their race, hairstyle or circumstances. Excuses don’t add up to nothing but excuses. I know it feels like an attack but we as sisters have got to do better with our health. We are shortening our life span and many women are coping with preventable aches and pains because they aren’t motivated to take care of themselves.

    I will never be a size two but you better believe when I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror ( a gut, backfat, cellulite, being winded) I joined Planet Fitness, cut out sugar, bought vitamins, drank water, cut out eating after 7, and stayed prayed up to get me through the tough times. I did it for me and no one else. It’s never easy to commit to change but being healthy is a quality of life issue. There’s nothing sadder than seeing a woman who is out of shape using food as her lover and best friend.


      Tabernacle, Church, You already know lol. Also, I hate when I’m at the gym and my fellow sisters don’t look like they just went swimming. When I’m done working out I’m am drenched in sweat. These sistas leave the gym looking how they came in and that’s not good. Plus, I’m paying $40 a month I’m getting my money worth. Therefore, I have the feeling some sistas don’t go hard at the gym, to look cute because, being sweaty isn’t sexy. Also, to preserve their hair. Fuck all of that trying to look cute for those suspect down low acting dudes at the gym and get rid the impurities in your body. LADIES REMEMBER THE GYM IS THE NUMBER 1 PLACE FOR GAY AND DOWN LOW MEN MEET EACH OTHER SO STOP TRYING TO LOOK GOOD FOR THOSE FRANK SWEET WATER OCEAN MEN. Fuck ya hair ladies lol. You gonna sweat it out with ya man anyway lol.

  • sheworkshardforthemoney

    I find that washing my hair now its natural is easier than when I had weave or wore a relaxer. When I had weave I was worried about it getting loose and shedding if I washed it every week. Now I do my wash and go’s its alot quicker. It seemed like I was the only one looking at the games this year. Loads of black women with different hair styles competing. I personally like the pinapple style when doing my run but to honest I spend more time thinking about what music i’m going to run to than my hair style.