Arsenio-HallAfter Oprah Winfrey’s departure from daytime television there has been talks and buzz about who will seize the daytime talk throne. A slew of talk shows have launched within the past couple of years to fill the void – but one area that seems to remain untouched by media heads is late night television. It is obvious that the diversity of hosts after 6 p.m. wanes in major media, with T.J. Holmes being a lone ranger with his late night hour-long show ‘Don’t Sleep’.  As the network struggles to attract black viewers, another black male host will be adding his mix into the late night television world.

Remember Arsenio Hall? The comedian hosted The Arsenio Hall Show in the early 1990s, and his show was met with great success by younger audiences. On September 9, 2013, Arsenio is back with an all-new syndicated talk show. A promo has emerged giving viewers a glimpse of what Arsenio’s return will be like.

“Some say he never existed at all. But others swear that when night grips the city, if you close your eyes and listen — really listen — you can still hear the pulse-pounding, hair-raising, spine-chilling sounds of… the Wolfman,” a voice says on the promo track, speaking of Arsenio’s branded talent.

In a television landscape that is unlike the era in which Hall first built success and continues to struggle with black viewership for positive programming, do you think this late night show will stand be able to find an audience and survive?

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