Picture-314Our skin is the most targeted during the colder months and that’s what compels us to reach for the moisturizers and slather as much as our skin can eat up. But there are a few amazing options that will not only provide the ultimate weapon against dry skin but also last most of the season thanks to their potency and magical ingredients.

Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Crème ($6.99) This heavily dosed moisturizing agent is armed with all the right concoctions to help restore dry itchy skin back to form. It does wonders for your stretch marks and nurses sensitive damaged skin without leaving behind any residue. You can pick it up at any major dug store in your area. It should be used on dry/normal skin.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($12-$39) When it comes to getting your money’s worth, then you need to invest in a jar of the magical potion being served courtesy of First Aid Beauty. This intense lotion is also an antioxidant booster that adds that extra protection from the harsh environmental elements we are exposed to daily. Very little of it goes a long way and it has been certified as a reliever of eczema and dermatitis. Anyone battling with extreme skin irritations will find comfort after slathering a helping of this magic cream. You can get it at any Sephora store near you, or visit Sephora.com.

Soap & Glory – The Righteous Butter ($5-$18) This whipped butter treat not only brings your flaky dry skin to life but it contains an all purpose agent that will lock the moisture in once you work thoroughly work it in. There will be no need for multiple applications because it contains that unbeatable mix of shea butter aloe vera. It also smells sensational, thanks to the added boost of warm vanilla musk, amber, rose peach and jasmine among others. You get the best of both worlds with this buttery cream dessert. Sephora.com is your destination if you want to add The Righteous Butter to your beauty bar.

L’Occitane – Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream ($40.00) When it comes to pampering on a scale similar to a spa visit, then this body cream will provide those services very time to take a dip. It has the right percentage of shea butter, apricot oil, and vitamin E to soothe and satisfy dry thirsty skin that needs replenishment. And the dash of jasmine doesn’t hurt either especially when it gives your body that distinguishable lingering scent. Visit www.usa.loccitane.com to get your body beautified.

Other Butters to Try

Ecstasy Body Butter by Carol’s Daughter
Strawberry Body Butter by The Body Shop

Your skin doesn’t have to buried six feet under because of harsh winter conditions. Take control and use this period to show your skin some much needed love and care.

What body butters do you love?

– Ezinne Ukoha

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