Bushmaster, the firearms company that manufactured the rifle that Adam Lanza used to kill 28 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday, is making a bold statement with a new ad.

The gun makers have launched a “Mancard” campaign, equating manhood with the ownership of a firearm. Through the campaign gun users are allowed to revoke someone’s mancard for a variety of feminine actions: crying too much, being ruled by your woman, or using too much antibacterial soap.

Want to prove how much testosterone is in your bones? Buy a weapon — a Bushmaster gun at that.

Insensitively, the ad also shows a revoked man card for an “Adam L”. Playing, much?

What do you think of this ad? Do you think the gun company has crossed the line?

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  • Anthony

    One of the most popular things going in the gun world right now is the zombie apocalypse craze. They are selling zombie targets and even zombie killer knives. The gun world has a lot of paranoia, fantasy, fear of the other within it. As Michael Moore noted in a movie, we can never forget that this country was founded by people who had Native Americans on their frontiers, and African slaves right in their own backyards! Fear and paranoia are at the heart of the 2nd Amendment. Even though I enjoy shooting and support the idea of self defense, I would a fool to goner the obvious.