Did you know that the world wants to support you? That there are forces out there that desire to help you move into your deserving space of abundance and prosperity?

We all have been born with unique gifts that if rightfully aligned with our purpose will be supported and will bring more light into the world.

But the question is are you willing to give those gifts away… for free?

In an interview with mediabistro, Russel Simmons says that in order to be “super rich” in life, you must embrace the idea of giving.

“That’s the process…you give unconditionally if you can,” Simmons said. “If there’s no receipt or return you have to give to get yourself going.” Simmons described how he gave away his first album for free until people began to demand it, building his worth and launching his career.

When you think about moving forward in life, ponder over what attitudes may be prohibiting your growth? For most people it’s the idea that 10 million dollars is going to just drop out of the sky and land in their lap. Some people are constantly waiting for something or someone to come along and help them out. There is no attempt to climb out of the hole, but rather passive desires for someone to throw down some rope. Are you constantly saying to yourself “if only I could meet so-so”, “if only I could find a sponsor”, “if only my boss would mentor me”.

All these “if only” statements limit action and personal development. In fact, this type of self-restricting thought can appear to be downright selfish if your constantly expecting others to give give give to you before you get up, go out, and give anything to the world in return.

What’s happens when we are willing to share our gifts for free is that we become undoubtedly blessed by those we help. The ability to give of yourself with no expectations in return moves the hearts of others and increases the desire of the outside world to support you. People are inspired by and want to help the person that is passionately pursuing their dreams rather than the person who sits around and complains about how things would be right if someone would help them. There is something powerful about people who are appreciative and happy now rather than those that will only be happy when.

And as it has been proven time and time again, when you give of yourself abundantly — and I don’t’ mean just a church tithing or 200+ community service hours — but when you take that talent that is so uniquely you and share it with the world honestly and compassionately without desire of a return, what comes back to you is always bigger than anything you could have ever imagined.

Begin the first step towards building your life wealth one deeply imbued with gratitude and the richness of life’s simplicity — by embracing your talents and making moves to give more of yourself to the world. You will see that in time and as your gifs are appreciated, the universe will naturally shift and align to support your growth.

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