The holiday season calls for festive makeup and photo-ready visage. For a holiday party or date night with your significant other, highlighting can brighten up your skin and create a beautiful, natural-looking glow.

Here are some steps for highlighting like a professional:

-Start with a light, shimmery highlight color (usually golden-toned, or a sheer beige).

-Swipe it right across the top of the cheek bone in a downward motion.

-Add the highlight color above the eyebrows, to the chin and to the middle of the forehead because that us where the sun naturally hits.

-If you really want skin that glows, add a makeup fix spray to the brush with the shimmer and apply to cheeks.

-Since this look can get a little powdery looking depending on the products that you use. To avoid the chalky look, spray a dual-fiber brush with makeup fix and brush it over the face. This will give you a smooth, even finish.

Check out these products that will help you to achieve the look:



-Margaret Francois


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